Monday, January 26, 2009

Photo-compositing IS manly!

I continue with my foray into digital scrapbooking -- to make it sound more manly I have decided that in future, I'll use the more high-falutin' term, "Photo-compositing."
In my defence, it was done while waiting for my eldest son to arrive so we could head into the mountains for a bit of dirt bike riding -- a very manly pursuit! While awaiting his arrival I figured I'd fiddle around with some images of my other son, Kevin, and see what I could come up with, using Gimp and "layers".
I could just as easily have used Photoshop but, as I run post-processing photo courses in which students receive a free copy of and learn to use Gimp, I thought I should use that program to illustrate what is possible.
In total, eleven layers were used to build up the image, which is a little more complicated than it appears at face value.
I am pleased with the result and, in truth, found the process thoroughly enjoyable. Photo-compositing is definitely manly!


OrelleJ said...

That is really cool!

Amanda from Edinburgh said...

Sounds very interesting, how can I learn more about scrapbooking?

Hilton Hamann said...

Hi Amanda
Thanks for taking the time to write. I run courses on a face-to-face basis and unfortunately there is a great deal of distance that separates us.
In the past few days I have been playing with Picassa 3, free Google photo-manipulation software and been impressed by it. Use the search facility at the top of the blog to search for it. Then download and install it.
Picassa is very easy to use, allows basic photo-correction and enhancement and is extremely easy to use to create collages.
Picassa does not have the power of Gimp or Photoshop -- you can't do cut-outs for example -- but it allows you to set background colours, drag and arrange pictures, put borders around them and overlay text. You can change the lighting on photos, convert them to sepia or black and white and apply a variety of other effects. It will do what most people want. In fact, I ran a photo-manipulation course this morning and all delegates preferred it and do not want to learn anything else.
If you want to do more high-level stuff then I suggest you download Gimp and check out the myriad of free tutorials. Photoshop tutorials are also useful, as the principles are the same.
Hope this helps.
Regards Hilton