Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Moving to fineart.

It's been a while since I posted on this blog.
This is mainly for two reasons. Number one is I have been trying to evaluate and figure out what direction I need to follow in photography and the second reason I have been busy writing my other blog, The White Ou. Check it out.
I am not sure if I have completely figured out what and where I want to go in photography. It's an incredibly difficult business to be in right now. The microstock business, where publications, ad agencies, publishers and corporations can purchase images for a couple of dollars, makes it very difficult to get commissions. The fact is, nowadays 'quality' comes a very distant second to 'price'!
And because digital cameras set in "idiot" mode quite often take acceptable pictures -- and if not, you simply shoot and chimp until you get it right -- everybody and his cousin now figures he or she is a professional photographer.
As long as the picture is in focus and groom's head is not cut off then that is okay. And the guy or gal who is prepared to do the shoot at the cheapest rate is the one who gets the work. It is astounding how often the new "pros" will actually work for nothing. The result is the standard of photography, right across the board, is being lowered and this lower standard is acceptable to the client and becomes the norm.
In a previous post I said I believed the days of the professional photographer are numbered. I am more convinced of that than ever.
So where does that leave dinosaurs like me? Guys who believe photography is important and relevant...who still see it as something magical rather than a disposable item.
I'm not sure. But I will be shifting my efforts more towards the production of fine art and decor prints. To survive in this game I sincerely believe a photographer needs to differentiate him or herself from the masses and the rats and mice.
As such, I have just bought a 25 year-old hardcore, dirt bike with the idea of using it as a means to get to places other photographers can't easily reach.
My aim is to produce and sell limited edition, fineart photographic prints. I'll keep you posted.
In the meantime check out some examples here and place an order if there is anything that takes your fancy.

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