Monday, July 26, 2010

The critical moment

It was French photojournalist, Henri Cartier Bresson who coined the term "critical moment" in photography.
It's that split second where everything -- composition, action, expression -- comes together to make a unique and memorable image.
HCB took some remarkable photographs where he waited for his subject to be perfectly aligned with an inanimate object so he could make that image come to life.
Recently I received an email containing images where the photographers have shot pictures that would have impressed even Bresson.
I do not know who the photographers are so I cannot give them credit but I am sure you will agree they have done a magnificent job.


Jay said...

This is an interesting post with great pictures…were you aware of the recent authentication by a group of experts that a bunch of glass negatives found at a garage sale were created by Ansel Adams! Apparently, some of the negatives had never been developed into photographs. Here is a link about the story.

Hilton Hamann said...

Thanks for that really interesting link, Jay. Fascinating. I read on some or other news service this week (sorry I don't have the details at hand but a search should turn it up) that an Ansel Adams print turned up in a garage sale somewhere.