Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The plastic-fantastic, Holga!

One of the problems with photography today -- and it's been caused by increasingly sophisticated digital cameras -- is that all images, irrespective of the subject being photographed, somehowlook the same.
The truth is, today's digital cameras are so advanced that most pictures are perfectly focussed, well lit and have accurate colours recorded. They are perfect, in a sterile sort of way.
The situation is even worse when it comes to press photography. The pic-men (or women) are herded together and confined in a specific area. All are armed with similar cameras (the brands don't matter), have similar lenses, similar flash set ups and, as a result, they get similar pictures.
I am more than ever convinced the days of professional photographers are numbered, a fact yet again brought home to me when a friend (ironically at a recent photographic exhibition and in poor light) took a picture with her iPhone. The quality was astounding! Photography is becoming so easy that there are fewer and fewer reasons to hire a pro.
In the light of that I decided to mess around with a Holga, a cheap, Chinese, plastic, toy camera fitted with a plastic lens. With the Holga it's all about compostion and creativity. You never know what you are going to get and no two cameras are the same. The only control, I believe, comes in the darkroom.
I am well-please with my initial efforts!

You can view the full series at www.bighilt.smugmug.com
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