Friday, May 25, 2012

Two slightly different reviews!

 The one thing every author wants is for his work to move readers. In truth we don't care if it makes them angry, happy, sad or disgusted. As long as our words evoke some sort of reaction we are doing our jobs properly.
 Below are excerpts from two reviews of my book, "I can hear them singing now", set in Apartheid South Africa during the height of that country's political unrest. It is a story of how ordinary people were caught up and swept along by events completely beyond their control.
 It is about a civil war that took place on people's doorsteps that they were completely unaware of, or chose to ignore. It is a book about ordinary folk trapped in two worlds and about polarization.
 These two reviews illustrate that. They show some of our wounds have not yet healed.
 One appears on Amazon and the other was sent to me as a personal comment. I am happy I have done my job as a writer.

 "You referring to the book about that fucker that's going to plant the Church street bomb, standing on the pavement while super cop is so heartbroken about the useless one they were hanging, he didn't even see the clear and present danger around him? Typical. I bet you he slept with the ousie* when his wife was out shopping too?"

 "This book is fantastic! It creatively entwines heart wrenching emotion, solid political history, and an unbiased, multi-sided portrayal of racial conflict during a turbulent time. One will intensely feel frustration, rage, and despair while reading this story. The characters are well-developed in such a way that the reader cannot help but feel a personal connection to them, during the transformation of their beliefs and convictions while enduring the horrific event enveloping their lives. This story inspires much emotion and, for me, critical thought about human behavior and relationships. It would not be the book I'd choose for lighthearted, cheerful reading, but definitely thought provoking. It may even have you re-evaluating your own beliefs and/or opinions."

*Ousie - Afrikaans term, often used to mean a black woman.

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