Wednesday, July 2, 2014

JoziFolk - where I hang out now!

 Grandmother and grandchildren, Johannesburg

 One look at my posting history on this blog will show it's been patchy at best! Fact is, I've come to realize I have too many irons in the fire and can't look after any of them properly.
 The time has come for consolidation and that is in the form of JoziFolk.
 JoziFolk, the Voice and Colors of Real Johannesburgers, is a shameless copy of Humans of New York and other similar websites.
 We are still young but the response has been fantastic!
 Right now the focus has been purely on photographing the amazing people who live, work, visit and interact with the city of Johannesburg, South Africa. And that will always be the main emphasis. New images are posted every weekday and sometimes on weekends too.
 But, with time, I shall add articles, many about photography.
 While you may never visit Johannesburg in person, may I invite you to meet her people.
 We're a strange bunch, with deep political divisions and lingering racism but we're trying to shake that off and move forward together.
 Whether that will be fully achieved in my lifetime is debatable but, even so, we're a cool bunch to hang out with.
 Join us on JoziFolk and see who we are and have a little peek into our minds and psyche.

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